Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shreya Ghoshal on Mahayatra

Shreya Ghoshal on Mahayatra

Shreya Ghoshal will be interacting with contestants on the first episode of Star Plus’ Mahayatra…

Shreya Ghoshal, the sweet singer with a mellifluous voice, will be there to encourage the participants of Star Plus' reality show Mahayatra.

According to our source, "Shreya has such a voice that if she sings requesting the gods to land on earth, they will appear for her. Therefore on such a religious show, it is perfectly suited for Shreya to make an appearance."

The source adds, "Shreya will make an entry when the contestants are doing a Maha arti of Lord of all the beginnings – Lord Ganesh. The contestants will surely get a pleasantly surprised at that."

The source further tells us, "Shreya would be wishing the contestants good luck for the journey they are going to undertake. The contestants and host Manish Goyel along with Shreya will then proceed for the sthanpana of Sri Ganesh."

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